Humaginarium is a market for health literacy where entertainment promotes wellness. Some market segments are direct to consumer. Others are corporate-facing for employees, patients, or students.

All products are beautiful and fun to use; all increase health literacy and self-awareness; and all nudge to wellness.

The organizations and professions who participate in this market promote health literacy in the lingua franca of popular culture. The coin of this realm is video game entertainent; other media also cater to different learning styles.

Consumers do more on the platform than play and watch. They engage in peer-to-peer learning by sharing questions, worries, insights, and experience with their communities of interest.

Humaginarium thrives in the interstices of entertainment, education, health science, and medicine. This position is a competitive advantage. It makes our brand innovative yet complementary and difficult to imitate. It’s also risky. Operating across and between economic engines rather than within one may be confusing.

Yet our drivers of customer value, from stupifying biomedicine to beggaring costs of care, generate vast unmet needs for wellness. Wellness is a consumer choice, not a doctor’s prescription. It’s far more efficiently met by autonomous individuals exercising free will (nudge) than by patients "adhering" to protocols.

Scientific entertainment is not a buzzword but a better way to inform and improve people on their own terms. Our commercialization plan derisks this claim.

Humaginarium value is a compound of investment (time, money), intellectual property (ideas, techniques), market (share, position), size (growth, scale), and volume (units, revenue, profit). To this slurry we add impact (mission) because we are a social enterprise.

As a bootstrapped, pre-money LLC we estimate current value based on booked investment, research and development, and analysis of industries we complement or serve. All contributions to our valuation are explicitly documented.

That said, Humaginarium's economic value apparently rises to many millions of dollars over our first five year period. Its impact may generate many billions in customer value as it helps consumers foresee, avoid, and self-manage personal health risks.

Humaginarium currently seeks seed funding from a combination of grants, private investments, and corporate sponsorships.

We are working towards a non-dilutive SBIR research grant from the National Science Foundation. Simultaneously we are inviting program-related investments from foundations that are committed to enhancing public health.

We likewise seek private equity for about half of our seed funding, particularly from angels who are versed in medicine and health science. We are also pitching corporate sponsorships to select providers and payers in the health care industry value and supply chains for targeted product development and testing.

Our full pitch is shared confidentially with prospects. A summary deck is available on this page.